Why I am a speaker…

Beneath the lipstick and sugarcoating, life is extremely complicated. My passion for women’s ministry came from my own soul searching, trying to figure out who I was in Christ, what I am called to do with that, and how it all fits into this crazy world.

My goal is for each woman I encounter to feel as though she is seen, heard, and has a place to belong. I hope that my transparency of life and all of its challenges will help others see that we are not the only ones fighting the fight, and we don’t have to do it alone. Join me as we dig deeper into the adventures and challenges of life.

I enjoy empowering women to take a leap of faith…or giving them a little push!

Interested in having me speak?

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2017 Dates

March 3-5 — Girls Beach Weekend

May 3 — Mom’s Coffee Break at Hope Community Church

May 11 — Weekly session of Bible study led by Allison Cain

June 15 — Full Hearts, Full Plates (Now, Restored)

September 8 — Present at Hope Community Church

November 1 & 2 — Mom’s Coffee Break at Hope Community Church